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  1. Re: PDF Creation Using Given XML and XSL

    Dear Sir Please Help me :- I have lot of Search But Not found the Code According To My Question
    I have One XML :=
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <name>Vishal Singh</name> ...
  2. Re: PDF Creation Using Given XML and XSL

    Dear Sir don't confused with "basic java programming means" i just want to generate PDF Using itext5.0.jar , XML and XSL file which is in my c:\ drive.
  3. PDF Creation Using Given XML and XSL

    Sir , i have to use basic java programming means Inside of

    public static void main(String s[]) { } and from a particular path i want to use Generated XML and XSl and generate the PDF not use of...
  4. What if a class extends another class and they each have a method with the same prototype? When to call the subclass and when to call superclass?

    m confused with very simple example of Inheritance like.
    class A
    int k=1;
    void show()
    System.out.println("===inside A class= Show()=="+k);
    class B extends A
  5. Re: HashMap Display Default value

    i also want to know i have to do make condition in the Putting country and oid in countryName=> countries.put(countryName, oid) ;

    or on the jsp I have to put the condition to show the country...
  6. HashMap Display Default value

    Dear , I m setting in java all the countries in hashMap like this---
    countryName = cnt.getStringProperty("COUNTRY_NAME");
    oid = ""+cnt.getLongProperty("OID");
    countries.put(countryName, oid)
  7. Replies

    logic present tag

    <logic:present name="userlogin" property="text"/>

    <logic:present> tag is used to check the given Form Bean object or property is present or exists in the current request;

    Does it not matter the...
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