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    Re: Char cannot be dereferenced!! Please help

    it should be:


    if getPerson() returns a String you do not need to call toString().

    also your first call to aHouse.getPerson() seems pointless to me, as you...
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    Re: Few very basic Java questions.

    The .* wildcard on the import statement will import all classes within the package, so all classes within java.awt package in your case, however this does not extend to subpackages so classes...
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    Re: Java and XML

    You need to use an XML Parser to parse the file and providing the XML is 'well-formed' you will be able to navigate the XML structure.
    I would recommend you use a DOM parser , this will give you...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Problem accessing specific data in an array and getting it to return properly

    I think it is important you understand what you did wrong in your code, effectively you were looping through the whole list and not checking to see whether the Product had been matched, once the...
  5. Re: Best way to automatically login user from a customer's web site.

    Sounds like you want John Doe to automatically sign in to the site he is being redirected to without being challenged for his user credentials again.

    To do this securely you need a Single Sign-on...
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    Re: Calling method from .class file

    Yes, what you want is a Java decompiler.
    There are quite a few available if you search for them on the internet.
    here is one: ""

    There are some limitations, so you...
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    Re: Help, please

    I am currently looking for work, I have also done some work with Liferay and Jboss Portal in past.
    Depending on your requirements I may be interested, I am based in London area UK, I would also be...
  8. Re: Help With conecting my GUI to my server using netbeans

    You seem to have only posted the server code?
    It is a bit difficult to give any advice when only one side of the coin is shown!

    Incidentally this is posted in paid work, are you actually...
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    Re: Calling method from .class file

    I think you need to understand how the compiler works, it creates .class files from source files .java, you actually cannot call a method from a .java file, but you can from the compiled file .class....
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    Re: simple question...

    well you need to assign the object to a variable for starters, so you can access it.

    for example:

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    MyClass obj = new MyClass();
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    Re: Connectivity problem:MySQL and Java

    Well obviously an Exception is being thrown so it will display "Cannot connect to server".
    presumably not "Cannot connect to database" as you specified.

    As you do not seem to be printing out the...
  12. Re: Having trouble with an if statement. please help!!

    sorry my mistake, remove the else at the end, so the return is guaranteed.


    if ((aNumber > 0) && (aNumber < 5))
    ... set diff. settings based on 1 to 4
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    Re: Dying PC, I might need someones help

    clicking sound inside the box could also indicate a working hard disk, and that is the most likely explanation.
    I assume you are running a Windows OS (XP,Vista,7 etc..), how much RAM do you have and...
  14. Re: Having trouble with an if statement. please help!!

    are you sure you have the else from the first if, not the if that results in the high setting.


    if ((aNumber > 0) && (aNumber < 5))
    ... set diff. settings based on 1 to 4...
  15. Re: Having trouble with an if statement. please help!!

    How about this!

    public String whatSetting(int aNumber)
    if ((aNumber > 0) && (aNumber < 5))
    this.setting = aNumber;
  16. Re: How to execute a Java program independent of Netbeans.

    Also make sure ExecuteThis class is on the classpath, and fully qualify the package/classname.
    using the default package is generally not a good idea.

    eg. if ExecuteThis class resided in package...
  17. Re: Blackjack program runs excrutiatingly slow.

    NULL Exceptions are caused by attempting to use an Object that has a value of NULL, i.e. NOT instantiated.
    Attempting to call a method on such an object would cause a NullPointerException to be...
  18. Re: Need Java Programmer in London or South East


    Are you still looking for a Java Developer, if so I am interested , I am an experienced Java/J2EE Developer (10 years experience in Java/J2EE, 20 years as a developer). Let me know what the...
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