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  1. Re: Read character from Image area

    Yeah the concept is OCR.....i will recommand other tools tooo..


    Hav a gr8 day
  2. Re: Text Processing with Regular Expressions explained

    Thanks...Nice explanation
  3. Re: Java? Where to start.

    Yeah Net Beans is also very good IDE....
  4. Re: Java Using C++

    i am trying to compile a C program in Eclipse IDE with the tutor help here i am attaching the tutor example and the error which i got..

    can u help me in this..

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    Com based component project using Java

    Hi All,

    Can you provide how to do a COM based component project....As you know i am developing a product by using a SDK which is in C,C#,VB.Net where i dont have any idea about those.
    When i...
  6. Re: Java Using C++

    Thnks for those links...

    How to add C Header files in Java???
  7. Java application using C++.Also provide some links and sample code

    I am writing a java application by using C++.Can you help me in this.

    I came to know that using JNI, Java can Communicate with C++ is used for this.So,if possible, can you provide some links or...
  8. Re: Progress bar

    Thanks for ur time and support

  9. Re: Progress bar

    i used JFileUpload tools for the application,,,

    i would like to add progress bar while loading the file or loading circle(which we see for mozilla browser)..can you help me in this

  10. Re: Folder Watching

    Can we try with images....i.e. i need to upload .tif image.....:-)
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    Uploaded file getting saved to Bin directory


    When i tried to Upload my File the file is uploading sucessfully but it is saving in in bin directory.
    please see the screen shots and code.

    Please Help me.....:o

  12. Progress bar while uploading a file in web application

    i am uploading a file in a webapplication i need progress bar after i click "Upload" button.

    Any Suggestions...

  13. Re: Folder Watching

    Thanks alot....will let you know after completing this:)
  14. Re: Folder Watching

    ok thanks for ur reply...

    i can list the files but not able to load them...means i can list the files from the Folder but not able to Move any new file comes no it is not able to...
  15. Re: Folder Watching

    Yeah...with Java Only...Rep me ASAP

  16. Java program to take new files from one path and sent it do another path?

    Hi Folks,

    I am having some files(.txt) in a directory called as Unprocessed folder,i would like to take one by one file and send it to the processing path say it as..C:\processingfolder
    Each time...
  17. Re: How Many users Downloading My Application

    ok thanks for the link....Ours is Windows Plat form....thanks for ur help
  18. How to know number of user downloading an application?

    i would like to know how many users are downloading my application


    i wants to know how many users downloaded this application???

    Any suggestions???
  19. Display output from a file using regular expression

    I am in need of

    But as per My code out put is this format

    My code

    i tried with the code given by you..
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    Re: How to Read a Portion of a File

    Thanks alot PF.....
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    How to Read a Portion of a File in Java?

    Hi folks,

    Output Should be:
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    NullPointerException in Java

    i am not able to understand why the NullPointer exception is coming??

  23. Re: How to achieve this?

    NoNo....not at all..dont mis understand me my friend...i tried with regular expressions...i got the answer...thanks for your time and support....

    ll b back with another new topic...hav a gr8 day
  24. Is there any performance issues if we use Scanner class?

    is there any performance issues are there if we use scanner class??
  25. Re: How to achieve this?

    My output shold look like:

    Flat no.4 to 7, C/o Krishna Plaza,
    Opp.Water Tanks, Near TATA Garden Busstop,
    Chandan Nagar, PUNE-14

    Invoice No: EMH48DCO56
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