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    [SOLVED] Re: Weird calendar.

    one small improvement would be to use a switch statement for this code,,,,

    Also you could try using a new thread Eg.

    // This class extends Thread
    class whileThread extends Thread {
  2. Re: Authentication system for running/downloading a .jar

    Hi there, I found this it may or may not be helpful, also if JAAS is used you could think of storing user info iin a database

    JAAS Authentication Tutorial
  3. Re: problem to get Fibonacci series- please help.

    Instead of using an int try using a longto store your result.

    This means changing the array p to type long and changing the variable newTerms to long
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    [SOLVED] Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError

    Hi there, I am no expert but usually when ever I get an Unsatisfied link error it's because the system cannot find the specified library files. Maybe try looking at this line and debugging the code...
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