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  1. Re: Need some help with Doubly Linked List toString

    Yeah heres the whole class-

    import java.util.*;

    public class InfiniteInt <E> extends DLList implements Comparable

    DLList data = new DLList();
  2. ClassCastException in Double Linked List toString

    Hey , for my class I have to create an Infinite Integer class which holds can hold a really, really large integer using a doubly linked list. It holds 3 integers per node, so 5697343 would be held...
  3. Re: Problem implementing a user interface using a menu

    Never mind I just figured it out. My flush line was after my variable line, so what I typed in wasn't going in to any variable.
  4. Problem while implementing a basic user interface menu

    Hey, I need to create a basic user interface menu. My code complies, however it doesnt seem to work properly. Heres the code-

    import java.util.*;

    public class Program3
    public static void...
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