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  1. Re: Images in the GUI

    Hi all, i havent been here for a while (due to an argument with the admin here) but the code below is all you need to display an image:

    I've also written an updated version with new features...
  2. Re: how to save jsp page as pdf file

    There are free java to pdf libraries available here: iText, a Free Java-PDF Library: Home Page
  3. Re: Tokinizers

    Hi, welcome to the forums!

    This is one way to do it:

    public class CharDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args){

    String sentence = "This is a sentence";
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    Re: Problem with reset on JComboBox.

    The easiest way is to "empty"your vector and loop the empty vector although there are other ways to accomplish this.
  5. Re: I need to know how to link pages

    Well, money talks =)
  6. Re: I need to know how to link pages

    You can use the URL class to do this. Or as an alternative, include my AdsPanel in your project and you can create hyperlinks or images with hyperlinks. Demo + code: Clickable banners in your...
  7. Re: Doubt About Socket

    use a treenode.
  8. Re: javac.exe problem

    It should have been done automatically when you install java but if not you can set it in your enviroment variables setting like this:...
  9. Re: javac.exe problem

    If you have setup the classpath correctly you can type javac instead of going to the java directory.
  10. Re: javac.exe problem

    if you are using windowsxp~ you can do -> run -> cmd -> javac - parameters.
  11. Re: Folder Watching

    It could work if you can read the encoding for tiff images: Java Advanced Imaging API Home Page

    It's not that hard to implements it by the looks of it. (though i havent done anything with image...
  12. Re: Folder Watching

    Looks good, add a thread so that it checks for a new file and process it. Not that hard to code :D
  13. Re: Folder Watching

    see my reply above, you can use this class i wrote to copy files from one directory to another: | Copy a txt file from one location to another with Java

    to process it...
  14. Re: Folder Watching

    use a thread that checks for a file every 1 sec (or less) , use a file inputstream /outputstream to read/write the file and a bufferedreader/scanner etc to process the file. Shouldn't be too hard to...
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    Re: NullPointerException

    I've created quite some java applications (and non java software) but thats not the whole point. Your points are all valid but i'm assuming that when you create an object the object will used it...
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    Re: NullPointerException

    I find it easier to initialize objects but then again, there are people that don't like it. Nothing wrong with it though just my style of coding.
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    Re: NullPointerException

    When i code my software i always initialize a variable like this: String s = ""; etc saves a lot of trouble later on.
  18. Re: 2 D Array and JComboBox on a JPanel

    Take a look at the addnew() method i wrote for you in that other topic. Replace the JTextarea with textfield and it will update those fields.
  19. Re: Project help needed


    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
    import java.awt.event.ActionListener;

    import javax.swing.BorderFactory;
    import javax.swing.DefaultListModel;
  20. Re: Project help needed

    I wrote this a couple of hours ago:

    let me know waht you think. The seach and listall doesn't do anything because you can see all...
  21. Re: Project help needed

    I suppose I can do it but whats this "Plain Wrap" ? If you have the assignment document somewhere so i can take a look that would be great :)
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    Re: Web protection in java

    One way to do this is indeed to write your own web browser or a plugin for an existing web browser although I don't think Java is a good language to do this.

    Another option is to download an...
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    Re: Web protection in java

    I have no idea what you mean by a "internet filter tool" but to protect pages you can use j security checks or the jaas/ssl implementation.
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Please HELP!!! Need help with Output

    Your welcome :D
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Please HELP!!! Need help with Output

    First of all, there is no need to create two calculation objects as one will suffice, further more when using the try/catch block don't ignore the stacktraces as you did in your try catch blok. I've...
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