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  1. Re: Difference with static and non static variables

    What you are doing probably is working (although strongly discouraged because of the nature of a bikes variables), but you are printing bike 1's states before bike 2 begins its edits, hence why you...
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    Sticky: Re: 500 Ways to Print 1 to 10

    #110 ComputerCraft
    Please don't kill me

    print("1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10")
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    Sticky: Re: 500 Ways to Print 1 to 10

    #110 ComputerCraft
    Please don't kill me

    print("1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10")
  4. Re: Need algorithm for generation of all variations of a 4x4 boolean table.

    Instead of making 64k arrays and checking them, make the arrays such that they will always follow the rules, and cancel the array when it fails.
  5. Thread: Java Table

    by Tjstretch

    Re: Java Table

    Let's see what we can find...
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    Re: Cannot Load Mapped Connection Pool

    For someone who has recently finished a live Java course, your naming conventions are very unusual. It's very difficult to read code that does not follow the expected conventions.

    Besides that,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Edge of screen detection in LWJGL + SSCCE

    Nevermind I found the problem, I have just begun working on LWJGL and had copied the initial open gl from a thread, without really knowing how it works. Apparently gl ortho needs to match the screen...
  8. Re: Can anyone point me in the right direction dealing with bytes

    This will explain file I/O, this or this will explain how to search the array once it is loaded.
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    [SOLVED] Edge of screen detection in LWJGL + SSCCE

    While beginning to learn some LWJGL (Light weight java gaming library) I found that detecting if an object is leaving the screen more difficult than I expected.

    Steps Taken
  10. Re: Looking for testers - image recognition API

    My fault, thanks for noticing; over thought the 'to' in question

    As for the active link to the homepage, I see your point and will rewrite that more leniently in a moment, although the page in...
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    Re: Odious number

    Consider reading the API for what you are attempting to do before requesting help on a public forum.

    Integer (Java Platform SE 6)

    Short psuedocode

    public static boolean isOdius(int num)
  12. Re: Looking for testers - image recognition API

    We are developers, meaning I doubt you will be able to find anyone who sells retail products here, so consider a different testing audience for this ;) However, what I/we are able to help...
  13. Re: How can i make my Player attack another Player?

    Powerbot has a development forum, which would be much faster in responding and assisting you in their API; available here

    However, I'll make a few notes that are non-specific to the API, in the...
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    Re: Need Help with Null Pointer Exception

    Where are you initializing theShield in the missile? I don't see it in the constructor.
  15. Re: Forming Multiple Methods - please help explain this for a newbie?

    Consult The Really Big Index for topics that confuse you. Specifically Defining Methods (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Classes and Objects)
  16. Re: Reversing letters of a words in a sentence keeping the words in the same order

    In using consoles scanner method you would use nextLine(). EG

    Scanner in = new Scanner(;

    System.out.println("Go forth and type something.");
    String message = in.nextLine();
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    Re: Java Sound problem

    What have you tried?

    This might help
  18. Re: how to write answerable questions into java??

    Never use == to compare string values. readLine returns a string I'm assuming. [Not sure what class 'keyboard' is, scanner uses nextLine]

    Compare the answer to some predefined value using string...
  19. Re: Trouble with AudioInputStream not releasing a file hook?

    After some googling this appears to be a Java bug. The workaround is to call System.gc after setting the stream to null, like so:

    AudioInputStream audioInputStream = null;
    File f = null;...
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    Re: make a jtree from a directory

    Hello ostad,

    I've made a program a few weeks back and I was waiting for an appropriate time to use it. If you would not mind testing it, it is a program designed to give the first few tips on...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Regular Expression Difficulties...

    Here is a link the java tutorial on regular expressions: Lesson: Regular Expressions (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes)

    On another note, I read regex's as regular expressions to avoid the...
  22. Re: How to connect and fire command to SSH server using Gyanmed SSH2 API.

    Please wrap code in
    tags to preserve formatting.

    Just looking at the error and scanning briefly over the code, an OutOfMemoryError suggests that you are trying to load way too much into...
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    Re: update .jar file?

    Wow, 1.2 is a very old update! However you should be able to recompile with minimal changing of code. Albeit requiring the source code. Is the question on how to compile or how to jar?

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    Re: Project Idea / verification

    Sounds possible, however the login/logout would have to be done in a programming language, rather than a markup (HTML) language. It's possible to do the entire website via Java, or you can use a...
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    Re: JSLider with ChangeListener question

    Remember to wrap your code with '
    *CODE* ' tags to make it easier to read your code. Also, please include the entire error message, because it could contain other useful information. Often,...
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