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  1. How do I print a static List output in jstl ?

    I have read that for static, I need to import the model.modelName which is what I did.

    The jstl printed out the model.variables that meet the query in my servlet.

    The problem is that inside the...
  2. how do I do a resultSet for ArrayList and In clause?


    I have been attempting to get this resultSet for almost 2 days but still can't get it done.:(

    Basically, I am trying to get the tutor_id and subject from a table which contains these 2...
  3. Re: How do I set an Entity to read in another Entity which has a List in Servlet?

    I think you have never done servlet or many to many using pure Java and JDBC so it will be difficult for you to understand about my problem.

    Your above code is only good for normal single table...
  4. How do I set an Entity to read in another Entity which has a List in Servlet?

    I have 2 entities - tutor and Subject.

    At the controller, I have problem with the code where I need to set the tutor to get the list of subjects which are in String.

    Here's the snippet of...
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    Why is my 2nd insert not working ?

    Dear expert,

    I am trying to get the servlet to read the values in this case 'subject' from my html and insert into MySQL database.
    The column subject is supposed to have more than 1 subject or...
  6. how do I insert into many-to-many-relationship tables with JDBC and DAO?

    Dear expert,

    I just learnt DAO.

    However, I have no experience in inserting into many-to-many tables using the DAO pattern.

    table1 : tutor
    table2 : subject
    table 3 : tutor-subject (this is...
  7. Problem in installing JDBC ODBC driver in Netbean

    I'm running my web application on Netbean 7 with apache Tomcat.

    Now, I'm using microsoft access so I'd need to use a My SQL JDBC ODBC connector driver.

    After google around the web, I got this...
  8. My data got posted into my database but there's no message shown to user on broswer.

    I have a Post servlet which will inform user that the information is captured.

    After the form is submitted, my browser is all blank. It is supposed to give me a message.

    The data was captured...
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    But, I already mentioned I have done the above for countless times......more than 100 or more times....:(((
    And I'm still awaiting how to restart tomcat server inside Netbean....What I notice though...
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Here's what I have put:

    <form id="frmData" name="frmData" action="ProcessRegistration" method="post" >

    But, the problem is still there. :(((

    How do I restart Tomcat inside Netbean?
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Hi Syed,

    I have followed your instruction to change to the form to match the beans. But, it's still not working. :(((

    Tomcat is still reading the memory thing.

    Can you teach me how to...
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Hi Syedbhai,


    <td>Full Name</td>
    <td><input type="text" id="FullName" name="FullName"></td>

  13. Re: Why my POJO is not working in my doPost servlet?

    Thank you angstream, after ammend my line as below, there's no more error (for the time being).

    MembersBean member = new MembersBean();
  14. Why my POJO is not working in my doPost servlet?

    I am trying to add POJO onto my existing doPost servlet cos I think this is the acceptable standard and want to try things out.

    So, what I did was to emulate after a POJO sample I found on the...
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Hi Jps,

    Yap. I have put the println not immediately after that line but somewhere at the part where I generate a message "Successful registration".

    At the Tomcat HTTP server monitor, I see...
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Sorry to have confused you but I just tested and tested.
    My latest test shows the same Null PointerException. =((

    Please advise how to stop the exception. Thank you.
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    Re: java.lang.NullPointerException

    At line58, my line is:

    String strName = request.getParameter("Fullname").trim();

    And I've put a printlns :

    at the DoPost servlet there but it is not giving me...
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    Dear forum members,

    I try to use back my old doPost codes which used to work fine but now giving me NullPointerException.

    Hope someone can tell me what's going on.
  19. Re: ava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jdbc:odbc:ABCODBC1

    Hi Syed,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    Am now reverting to my old code without the JNDI stuff anymore. And now facing another problem which I believe I have to post on a separate thread....
  20. ava.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jdbc:odbc:ABCODBC1

    I'm trying to test out certain coding and I'm receiving the following error.

    Database - MsAccess.

    I've double check on the ODBC DataSource Administrator that I've set things correctly but yet...
  21. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name abcODBC1 is not bound in this Context at org.apache.naming.NamingContext.lookup(NamingConte

    I've tried out the connection pooling. Unfortunately, I'm getting an error which impede my progress. :(

    Am using local host and Ms Access to test out.

    Here's my xml in Context.xml:

  22. Is connection pooling meant for retrieving data only?

    Dear forum users,

    I'd tested out the connection pooling only to realise that it is meant for retrieving data. After putting the connection pooling coding, creating the xml file under META-INI, I...
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    Java Connection Pooling


    Recently, I discovered that it's a good practice to use Connection Pooling.

    However, I'm new to this and the tutorial I have showed a JNDI to connect to database which is alien topic to me....
  24. What is the flow like in integrating shopping cart with paypal?


    I'm about to start my paypal project again after been lapsed for so many countless month. And I'm still very confused and helpless in integrating with Paypal............

    Hence, I hope to...
  25. Re: How do I print out the whole of my text file?

    OK. I heed your advice and added the StringBuilder but I still get the txt in 2 goes; not appearing once in the JOption. :(

    FileReader fileReader = new...
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