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  1. need details on Implementing Dictionary Filters for English words

    I am working on a prj where I would have to read the texts written by a user and check each and every given word against a dictionary(a list of words and their combination) and filter the words.
  2. need help connecting to linux server and execute linux commands using local java proj

    am practically new to this forum and my apologies first of all coz not sure whether this is the section for this thread...

    my req is to create a stand alone java class tht will connect to external...
  3. Grid Computing, need to understand and learn

    Hi all,

    Was going through Oracle website and saw this term grid computing and kinda interested about it from the desc that i read in their site.
    but then, i wanna learn more about what Grid...
  4. Thread: hi

    by madcrazyboys


    hi all, this is nura.
    i have been a java based web developer for 4 yrs... but then never really learned much from the work exp as all that i was doing, is simple stuffs.

    i want to better myself...
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