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  1. Re: Can someone send me codes of Java games? Pretty Please!? =)

    Oh, you want to collaborate with someone? Sure, but do you have a GitHub account?
  2. Thread: eclipse

    by vividMario52

    Re: eclipse

    Eclipse does not include the libraries for java. You'll have to download JDK manually. Eclipse and Netbeans are both IDEs (Integrated Development Enviroment), pretty much a program for writing code.
  3. Re: where can i find list of plugins for firefox

    First, open up Firefox and click 'Tools'. On Mac OS X it should be at the very top of the screen, and on Windows it should be on the Firefox window itself.
    So click Tools > Add-ons.

    Then click on...
  4. How would I iterate through an array 'in chunks'?

    Hello all, I've been working on tile generation for my game, and it uses 2d arrays. I was trying to think of some way to do biome/chunk generation, and I thought that looping through an array in...
  5. Thread: how??

    by vividMario52

    Re: how??

    What do you mean? Do you mean you to show how a car drives around and does its tasks in programming? Well I don't know, but you should post a more clear question.
  6. Re: Are we allowed to make a post here about our works in progress?

    Nah, I mean if if we are working on something and we can show stuff like previews and features, and you know :P
    Basically we can show the forums are works in progress and they can make suggestions...
  7. Are we allowed to make a post here about our works in progress?

    Hello. I've been on these forums for a while, and I was wondering if we could use this spot to make a post about our works in progress and post stuff as we go? I'm working on a project and I would...
  8. Re: How to use constructors and class objects together.

    'Moving between two classes'... Do you mean to be able to access stuff from other classes and/or call methods/constructors?

    If so, you would access them usually by...
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    Sticky: Re: Common Java Mistakes

    Actually, you can show a double with 'd' / 'D'.
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    Re: can some one make me a runable jar file?

    1: Is there not an option in Eclipse to export jars by right-clicking your project, and selecting export, and using the export wizard?

    2. The error you got was a little odd, are you sure you...
  11. Is this even a valid way of getting Ticks Per Second?

    Hello all. I've been recently working a bunch on my game, and I've seen a lot of simple game examples calculate Ticks/Frames per seconds in some odd way that uses a lot of variables. And I have a...
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    Re: Java Coding

    Do you want help with Java coding? You mentioned you feel overwhelmed trying to learn Java/C. If you want to improve your understanding, you can visit The Java™ Tutorials
    or you can watch some of my...
  13. Re: LWJGL Game: Odd behavior in game. Need help.

    Sorry, a lot of the classes I was importing were my own. I didn't want to show all of the classes because I have over 20 and I don't want to give anyone headaches.
  14. LWJGL Game: Odd behavior in game. Need help.

    Hello, all. Today I am facing a really confusing problem that I am not sure of.
    Its all with firing projectiles.
    The expected behavior (for testing) is to simple move left.
    The behavior I am...
  15. Re: Trick - How to build a button to switch between panel colors

    Yea, but I exclude the bracket(s) if the code is only one line. :)
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    Re: JScrollPane not showing up

    Aha! That's it, you forgot to add the scrollPane. Do this by doing


    I hope I helped! :)
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    Re: young and tender!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a great time at these forums! :)

    User za = new User("ZAAHID");
  18. Re: How exactly does random block generation work in 2D/3D worlds?

    By blocks I mean 2D tiles. And I'm using LWJGL/Slick2D, by the way. Check out a video on Youtube named Java 2D Random Tile Generation by Radnyxx Gentleman. It's pretty much what I'm talking about. If...
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    Re: Some Beginner questions

    The difference between imports and subclasing is this:

    Suppose I have an Enemy class. And I have a class calles Atker that is a subclass of Enemy. You would probably, for neatness, put Atker and...
  20. Re: Loops: Taking the average of a list of numbers

    Well, first, think how you would solve this problem in real life. Your friend gives you 3 numbers, you calculate the average of them how you were taught in Math class. Then try to write the code for...
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    Re: Complete java

    If you are new to Java, I strongly recommend two things:
    1. Visit 'The Java Tutorials' at .
    It has a library of Java Tutorials that will come in handy. Start at the 'Learning...
  22. How exactly does random block generation work in 2D/3D worlds?

    Hey, I've had this question for a LONG time. I've been searching the internet for tutorials/answers, but no results. What makes this frustrating for me is that I only see unrelated answers, or people...
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    Re: When *Not* to Use an IDE

    Ah, about the last paragraph: I've heard about these Gui Builder thingies but I don't try to use 'em. I don't know how to use one, or what one even LOOKS like, but I'm pretty sure it just does all...
  24. [SOLVED] LWJGL Problem - Trouble rendering properly!

    Hello, all! I just got back into LWJGL, trying to make a simple game. I'm making quite some good progress, and I just started building an Entity and Player class. The trouble is, when I render, it...
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    Sticky: Re: 500 Ways to Print 1 to 10


    String[] a = {"i", "ii", "iii", "iiii", "xxxxx", "gggggg", "zzzzzzz", "imimimim", "NEIN_NEIN", "oooxxxooox"};
    for(String m : a){
    System.out.print(getLength(m)+" ");
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