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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Simple password program (If statements not working)

    Oh well that was a simple solution. Thanks a lot, it works beautifully now.
  2. [SOLVED] Simple password program (If statements not working)

    Hello all. I am just practicing my Java and decided to make a super simple and insecure password program. This program has a hardcoded string that is the password, and gets user input as a string...
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    Where to post my code for review.

    Hi! I just joined this forum. I am a beginner a Java and have made a simple little calculator, I would like to get someone to look at my code and see if there is a way to stream line it. Its...
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    Hello All!!!

    Hi! I am a beginner in Java and pretty much programming in general. I can hold my own in Javascript but I have been on this "learning block" for a little while, until I started learning Java. I...
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