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  1. Re: Problem with Session maintenance in IE 8

    I am not sure, but you can try response.encodeURL(url)
  2. Re: Swing & Threading ... Systen hangs

    that code was an example of how to handle threads in Swing such that ur GUI doesn't become unresponsive.
    Do not create swing gui in main thread.
    Do not make a function call do a lot of work on...
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    Re: Question on Set

    IF you make a set of with Set<object> declaration u need to make sure that Class(for object) overrides the hash codes and equals method correctly else duplicates will be allowed. when you are working...
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    Re: Project ideas

    you can work on this assignment.
    create a file monitor application: it will monitor all incoming files(.csv format) to the input folder process it move to processedFiles directory
    and save data to...
  5. Re: How to make a program to "sleep" until my Thread ends

    If u dont wana updgrade to jdk1.6 ,using thread.join() is recommended..
    I am spawning some threads in my program to perform db related tasks..
    and in order to make my program wait till those...
  6. Re: Swing & Threading ... Systen hangs

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import javax.swing.*;

    /** Resolve the unresponsive UI problem by running the compute-intensive task
    in this own thread, which yields control to...
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