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    Problem with Java/MySQL query...

    I seem to be getting an error

    ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

  2. Re: Assigning an 'int' from a JTextField to a variable...

    I think thats the problem I am getting, do I need to say: -

    checkMate = 0;

    Also how do I parse it?, cos' I get a type error when I am trying to assign the value, thats why I used the...
  3. Assigning an 'int' from a JTextField to a variable...

    I have a variable checkMate, and a jTextField, I am having problems assigning the value that I input into the jTextField to the variable checkMate. It keeps returning 0, instead of the value I enter....
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    Re: Help with CORBA Client...

    Basically what I want is methods to call Server objects such as deposit, withdraw, and getBalance from the Client class, I just do not know how to write them.
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    Re: Help with CORBA Client...

    The problem I am having is in the Client class, I am unsure how to implement the methods that the Client can invoke, for instance deposit, withdraw and getBalance.
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    Help with CORBA Client...

    I am trying to create a server and client where the client can contact the server to create an account and deposit and withdraw into the account. The client should be able to open more than one...
  7. NullPointerException when running program...

    I am create a software app, and I am using NetBeans with MySQL as my database.

    I've created a login screen, where the user inputs user and password and has access to the main software. The user...
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    Synchronized Methods problem!


    I have an assignment that needs to use synchronized methods, what I have to do is create a supermarket app in Java where I set a favourite item/product's ID and retrieve it however those two...
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