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  1. Path problem while importing css and js files

    Hello guys I am having a problem importing files even after using suggestion of netbeans files are not imported firebug shows error that :404 cannot find http://localhost:8084/js/jquery.js and same...
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    Re: Not sure how to do this

    You can use Scheduler to do this...
  3. Thread: JDBC Drivers

    by semaphore

    JDBC Drivers

    I have learned that there are four types of Driver which are JDBC ODBC Bridge , JDBC Native Api , JDBC-Net Pure Java and 100% pure Java.When I searched for there implementation I came across only one...
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    Re: Passing Variable between programs

    Create main method in Program 1 check here whether number or not now create objects of Program 2 and program 3 now call methods of program 2 and 3 by passing the value from program 1 as a parameter.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Beginner Java Course, Stuck on my First Assignment. Help Needed.

    Try to build logic and if it do not workout post the algorithm here we will try to help you.Building logic is the very important part of try yourself.
  6. Re: Failed to compile, Main Method Not found, assistance please.

    You have to close the DrumKit class first before starting DrumKitTestDrive i.e. } is missing before the DrumKitTestDrive class starts and remove the last } in the end.
  7. Re: ArrayList.contains method does not work on user-defined data types

    Thank you very much it worked I just extended the bean class and override the equals and hashCode methods.
  8. Re: ArrayList.contains method does not work on user-defined data types

    I will also have to override hashcode method along with equals but the bean is in the jar if there is any other way I will be very thankful as editing the jar is my last resort.
  9. ArrayList.contains method does not work on user-defined data types

    I am trying to remove the duplicate elements from ArrayList using .contains() if elements are primitive datatype it works but user-defined datatype does not work.

    public class UserBean {
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    Hello Guyzzzz

    I have learned basic core java aiming to master both advanced and core java.
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