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  1. Re: Help with setReuseAddress(boolean on) method

    Hi there.

    You should consider posting the javadoc with your question if you want to ask about specific method.

    Here it is:

    To answer to your question shortly: Nope.
    As the javadoc...
  2. Re: How to handle the Clients for Peer to Peer Connection at Server Side in Java

    Hello and welcome.

    Im not sure if i understood you fully.

    You talk about p2p connections yet you mention server. So could you clarify your topology a bit and explain purpose of each node?
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    Re: Loop ending with ESC button

    What Cornix said. Well, to be exact, you *could* inject a hook to for example windows dll's and get an signal from key presses with JNI/JNA. I think SetWindowsHookEx function (Windows) would be the...
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    Re: how do I test my code on a tablet?

    Errm.. im not 100% sure on what you are trying to do, but from what i gather, Droid Edit is just an editor. You'd need a way to complie it to bytecode. Android doesn't run the JVM bytecode either but...
  5. Re: Where To start Developing a Web application in Java

    One really quick way to get to fiddling with things is using Apache Wicket: Apache Wicket - Create a Wicket Quickstart. Just follow the instructions and you'll have the project skeleton running quite...
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    Re: How to draw a class diagram

    Just as an general hint that i have been given back in the day, when ever you meet A*---*B relationship ( many to many ), you should immediately consider splitting it up. You can draw like that but...
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    Re: Very Basic Calculator

    I have to bandwagon copeg here. Even tho Abhilash has a point in that each programmer has his/her own way of implementing things and one can often notice a certain style for each programmer, there...
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    Re: Image Processing Tutorial


    Im not able to say what is going on in your code since so little is shown.

    But with googling the error this came out:
    So are you...
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    Re: in need of some exercices?

    I thought i'd throw in my two cents on the issue.

    I am not one to usually push for compromises but i think there is a middle ground here to be found.
    I went the C->C++->Java route with mastering...
  10. Re: How to get the java equivalent of C++ const

    As Cornix said the Java way of making "const" is to build the class of the instance ( or wrap it in to one ) immutable by not giving out references to mutable variables, declaring the class final so...
  11. Re: need to pass objects from 3 diff methods at random to a diff class and store them in an array...

    Hi again,

    I still might be a little in the dark with the issue, there being a language barrier of sorts but ill try my best :)

    First of all, welcome to the forums. Just follow the mod's...
  12. Re: Best Method to Extract Part of a Text File?

    Your first input file doesn't have the same as the input data you have given.

    If your conditions are as simple as you given in the original post, i think you are over-complicating the algorithm. I...
  13. Re: need to pass objects from 3 diff methods at random to a diff class and store them in an array...

    Im sorry, but im having a hard time understanding the question. Could you try explaining the problem a bit more?

    From what i gather, you have three arrays: garments, gadgets and appliances. After...
  14. Re: Trying to restart a loop at a certain point

    You might want to think it as a state machine. So that you have a main loop and what it runs depends on some state indicator. Something like this:

    String gameState = "INITIALIZE"; // variable...
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    Re: IP camera programming


    You are right, those are quite general questions :)

    1: Just wondering, why would the recordings need to be in the same file? Java has quite elegant data stream handling, so i suppose...
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    Re: Client broadcast message to all clients????

    You could investigate different network schemes and find a suitable design for your layout. For example round robin -type so that way you could organize the network of machines not to have connection...
  17. Re: how to return an alert true if the server is functioning normally


    Well this sounds alot like a typical school exercise.

    So your goal is to make the implementation of the needsAttention() method. Since so little of the inner workings are given, you...
  18. Re: How to restart the math in the program without geting out of the program ?

    Im not sure if i understand your question correctly. So sorry if my answer misses the point.

    In your example, i understand you have a program with two input fields, one output field and a button...
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    Re: Classes/Object Beginner Help

    I agree totally with the hands-on approach with learning new stuff.

    However, here are some links that might come in handy when trying to figure out the terminology and concepts behind OOP.
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    Re: Intermediate Question

    I think you need to elaborate on your question/debate a bit, mate. It might be just my lack of understanding, but im having trouble understanding your terminology and the context.

    Especially the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: how to make an if say that it doesnt equal

    Try not to lose the context in between the rows. Your equation "int magic = goodYear" means you are inserting the value of goodYear to the magic.
    Right after this you compare if magic equals to...
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    Re: How to store 2D array in another array

    My intentions were certainly not meant to criticize or judge the other replies. As i said, the raw array style is solid and valid in every way. I was trying to bring discussion about the best...
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    Re: Fetch Data and Render

    Are you using Java EE with perhaps some framework(s?) to create the front end and then deploying a full web application or do you just want to output the data to a .html file?

    Anyway, i think this...
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    Re: How to store 2D array in another array


    The suggested method certainly works, but wouldn't it be more Java-like to steer people to more object oriented way rather than just brute through raw arrays? What are we now, C barbarians? :)...
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    [SOLVED] Re: how to make an if say that it doesnt equal


    I see GregBrannon and Ganeprog have already given you nudges to the right direction but more aid can't hurt right?

    int goodYear = month * day * year;
    int magic = goodYear;

    Might help...
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