I am planning on creating a program that recommends a travel route based on discovered travel patterns and regions of interests(city/location). These trajectories are extracted from Flickr image data.

I have managed to obtain two frameworks.
1. Witbank -processes a flickr data set and produces a trajectory data file that contains discovered trajectory patterns
2. TPViewer - the pattern generated from Witbank is loaded into TPViewer and the patterns are display on a map (using World Wind Java SDK).

I plan to use the TPViewer as a user interface that allows a user (e.g a tourist) to input travel specifications like travel duration and a starting point(city) within Australia.
So based on the trajectory patterns discovered and user specifications, one travel route will be recommended/selected.

Job to be done: adding functionality to the already created interface e.g radio buttons for user input and selecting a single route from travel patterns. Finding an approach(algorithm)

Concept: The main idea will be to select a single route from the multiple trajectory patterns found and user input.
For example if user input for travel duration is 3weeks and starting point is Sydney the single route selected(or output) should be a travel route that passes through 4 Regions of interest(cities). This output being displayed on the map and the user can then take a screenshot of the map.

Will forward you the source code for the TPViewer as soon as possible to begin as this is an urgent project.