Hello Java programmers,
Small team project is in need of specific parties for a Flex application involving mix of languages, including
Java. All parties will be selected by the team leader of the project. Parties who are bent on programming with
any of the following languages java/javaEE/php/python with secure practices may apply. Java/javaEE will most
likely be used for the project.

Role of the Co-Leader position:

Whats involved: A secure programming practice, Problem Solving Optimization, Delegating/Managing of team and weekly status report. The Person(s) of the parties selected by the team leader will be placed in the Co-leadership role of this small software development team chosen by the team leader. Delegating to the other parties on the team who have different programming talents such as:
API Development(FaceBook, Twitter, ext..), Flex, CSS, Java and PHP, through the duration of the software project assembly. Beneficial terms are offered for all participating parties.
Please email me for more information at Info@kuriostechnologies.com Thank you and God Bless!