Hello all,

I'm James Littlewood, the main man behind a game project I call Run Your Railway.

A friend and I were playing OpenTTD (see openttd.org) together, and were talking about how we'd like the game to be improved. We suddenly thought of the same thing: don't improve OpenTTD, make something completely new...

So, for several hours we talked about what would be our ideal game to replace OpenTTD for us, combining the best features from similar games with our own ideas to create something we thought was perfect. Then, with more ideas from others, I have been creating a Game Design Document, and doing research as to possible interest in the game. I immediately got a ton of interest, loads of people said that not only did they want the game but that they would donate towards its creation if we started a Kickstarter fund, and many said they'd donate regularly.

I'm a DLC Developer for a leading simulator game, so have relevant experience when it comes to the creation of models, texturing, etc, and one of my colleagues also wishes to contribute. Unfortunately, we have no programmers.

Having consulted a friend of mine who's quite knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff, he has suggested that Java would be best for this game to be created. I have no experience with Java, and neither does my colleague, so we must of course bring people from outside into the project in order to get things going.

The potential market for this game is absolutely huge, we have a lot of interest already, but will have limited funding, certainly in the beginning. Most if not all funds will be raised by donations through Kickstarter. This would mean that payment may not occur at all during development (i.e. until the game is released), may be low during development, etcetera, but once the game is released things would be much more suitable. Bear in mind, of course, that although it would mean you might not get much/anything until release, we won't either!

This project involves 3D graphics and 2D graphics, various game modes, menus and such, so requires a lot of work. We're thinking of hiring either one or two Java programmers for this project. We would preferably like people who are willing to remain on board once the project is complete to fix bugs, cover patches, upgrades, etc.

For more info, feel free to PM me, or, preferably, add my on Skype, at:

This includes a copy of the GDD if you so wish, which is confidential and will be provided upon your acceptance as such and that therefore it must not be redistributed, copied, etcetera.

While this is a small scale project in terms of funding, there's a lot we want to do, and the potential market is extremely large. We've already got a good following, and people are getting a little impatient for us to get on with it! So, we would like to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, so, if you are interested and/or would like to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch as soon as you can.

James Littlewood