This is a general notice to anyone posting in the Paid Java Projects Category:

This category is NOT for asking others to help you cheat on your assignments and projects. Posts to this category are strictly moderated by the Java Programming Forums team to prevent academic dishonesty. We will treat all posts related to asking for help on assignments as an attempt to cheat.

If your intent is asking for a paid tutor (this is different from asking someone to do your assignment for you), make sure your intent is clear. This can be best done by including the following line into your post:

I am asking for paid tutoring help. I understand that I am still responsible for completing all academic assignments on my own in compliance with the policies outlined on the Java Programming Forums and by my academic institution.

In general you are far better off trying to complete assignments on your own and asking in the appropriate category for help on a specific problem you are struggling with. This help is provided free of charge. Keep in mind that academic dishonesty is not allowed anywhere on the forum, irregardless of if it is paid or not.

Failure to comply with this rule can result in the following disciplinary actions:
1. The relevant post(s) will be deleted.
2. Your account will be banned temporarily for two week for first offenders, permanently for repeat offenders.
3. Your academic institution may be notified.

Disciplinary actions are applied at the discretion of the Java Programming Forums team and are subject to change without notice.