One to one computer programming tuition available in the Birmingham (West Midlands) area at affordable hourly rates.

Learn programming principles to improve your mathematics, logic and problem solving skills, aid your computer-science based studies or course work and improve and develop your IT skills.

Learn problem-orientated languages such as Java and C/C++, web-based languages such as PHP, HTML and CSS, database languages such as SQL or some low level languages such as MIPs assembly, to further your understanding of modern technologies, support your studies, or just for fun.

Get easy-to-understand explanations for your course work, and learn how to make simple games, utilities and applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux or mobile platforms such as Android.

Before contacting me, please read the FAQs below, and ask any questions that you have here.

To see some of my coding examples through these forums. More recent examples in other languages are available at

(Q) What is the best language to learn?

(A) Most C-derived languages are good to learn, such as Java or PHP, but I can give you an overview of most of the common ones used today and you can choose which to focus upon.

(Q) What languages have you used in the past/present?

(A) Assembly (6502, Z80 and MIPs), BASIC, Java, C, C++, MySQL, PHP and Adobe ActionScript. I'm currently developing in PHP/HTML/CSS/MySQL and JavaScript. Once you've used so many languages, you see the similarities more than the differences, and worrying about the Syntax becomes less of an issue.

(Q) Can you do my course work for me?

(A) I can help you to understand your homework so you can do it for yourself.

(Q) Can you build me a website, mobile or Windows application?

(A) If you contact me I will pass the details of your request to the company that I'm working for, who will get back to you with pricing details promptly. These lessons are intended to help you to build your own websites, mobile or Windows applications.

(Q) What times and days are lessons available?

(A) I am able most evenings and can arrange times during office hours as required. Important: Lessons on Friday evenings and Sundays are available on request, but these times cost more per hour and the minimum lesson time is two hours. I am not usually available on Saturdays.

(Q) How much can I realistically get done in a lesson of just one hour?

(A) Quite a lot, but to maximise your time, it's advisable for you to send me some details of the problems that you are having before the lesson and I will look into them beforehand.