Hi to all,
I have a problem that drives me crazy, i'll try to explain:

I have a calls generatore java implemented that works at constant rate equals to 1 call per second for one week, this means that the generator generates ca. 604800 total calls.

Moreover, I have 10000 callers. They should follow a uniform distribution (min, max bounds), i mean that if i set min value equal to 30 calls per week and maximum 90 calls per week the 10000 callers must be distributed uniformly between 30 and 90 calls per week.
In other words: if I have 10000 callers, 604800 total calls i should obtain something about (obviously not the perfect nr of callers but something like that):
30 calls : 163 callers
31 calls : 163 callers
32 calls : 163 callers
89 calls : 163 callers
90 calls : 163 callers

Caller selection phase: the generator assigns probabilities to the callers and then generates a random double between 0 and 1 and finally it choose the caller that has the probability equal to the generated random value.

My question is how can I assign probability to the callers in order to respect the uniform distribution between the min and max bounds?