Hi all,
I'm a beginner of java JSF, i'm programming with using NetBean IDE and i have a problem with my code. Here is my code:

package model;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
import org.junit.Test;

public class OrganizerTest
private Organizer organizer0 = new Organizer(11, 10);
private Organizer organizer1 = new Organizer(11, 11);
private Organizer organizer2 = new Organizer(11, 100);

public void computeTeams()
assertEquals(0, organizer0.computeTeams());
assertEquals(1, organizer1.computeTeams());
assertEquals(9, organizer2.computeTeams());

public void leftOverPerPlayers()
assertEquals(10, organizer0.computeLeftOverPlayers());
assertEquals(0, organizer1.computeLeftOverPlayers());
assertEquals(1, organizer2.computeLeftOverPlayers());

My problem is assertEquals... It said that: it can not find method assertEquals(int , int ). But it not a method and i'm already to import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals for it.

Please help,

Best Regards,