I've got Skype and Sphinx4 (speech recognition engine). Skype normally sends speech to speaker. Sphinx4 normally receives speech from microphone. I'd like to change it in such a way that output of Skype would become input of Sphinx4. In other words, I've got:
( Skype -> speaker ) AND ( microphone -> Sphinx4 )
and I'd like to have:
( Skype -> Sphinx4 )
I thought it may be impossible to do it directly so it may be better thing to do:
( Skype -> socket -> Sphinx4)
I just wonder what can be this socket. I thought about using TCP or UDP socket, in other words TCP connection on localhost.
And my question is as follows: how to let Sphinx4 to receive speech from socket, rather than from microphone?
At this moment code looks as follows:
       // start the microphone or exit if the programm if this is not possible
        Microphone microphone = (Microphone) cm.lookup("microphone");
        if (!microphone.startRecording()) {
            System.out.println("Cannot start microphone.");