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Thread: NEED HELP! converting change given to money denominatons

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    Default NEED HELP! converting change given to money denominatons

    Hi Guys!

    Well, my problem is i seem to not be able to convert the amountGiven back into change, such as dollars, quarters nickels, dimes, pennies. Heres my code: i hope its not to sloppy.. Ive just about ran out of ideas..

    import java.text.NumberFormat;

    public class Cashier {

    private static final double QUARTER_VALUE = 0.25;
    private static final double DIME_VALUE = 0.1;
    private static final double NICKEL_VALUE = 0.05;
    private static final double PENNY_VALUE = 0.01;
    private static final double DOLLAR_VALUE = 1.00;

    private static String name;
    private static double total;
    private double cost;
    private int numOfItems;
    private double aver;
    private double aver1;
    private double aver2;
    private double change;
    private double amountGiven;
    String s;

    private double penny,nickel,dime,quarter,dollar;

    NumberFormat nf = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();

    public Cashier()
    name = "";
    s = "";
    total = 0.0;
    cost = 0.0;
    numOfItems = 0;

    public void add(String name, double cost)
    this.name = name;
    this.cost = cost;
    s = s + name + "....." + cost + "\n";
    numOfItems = numOfItems + 1;
    total = total + cost;

    public void average()
    aver = total / numOfItems;

    public void tendered(double Amount)
    amountGiven = Amount;

    public double getAG()
    return amountGiven;

    public void makeChange()
    change = amountGiven - total;

    public String getName()
    return s;

    public double getCost()
    return cost;

    public int getNumOfItems()
    return numOfItems;

    public double getTotal()
    return total;

    public double getAver()
    return aver;

    public double getChange()
    return change;

    public double Quarter()
    quarter =(int) change / 25;
    change = change % 25;

    return quarter;


    public double Dime(){

    dime = (change / 25)/10;

    return dime;

    public double Dollar(){

    dollar = (int)amountGiven / 100;
    amountGiven = amountGiven * 100;

    return dollar;


    public double nickel(){

    nickel = (change / 10)/5;

    return nickel;

    public double Penny(){

    penny = (change / 5)/1;

    return penny;


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    Default Re: NEED HELP! converting change given to money denominatons

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