Good evening.
I hope this is the right section, if not, I'm really sorry.
(Sorry for my bad english too)

I really have a big problem, I've been on it for days, and I can't find a good way to solve it, so I hope someone here can help me.

I've to create a Text Adventure for an exam.

I've done most of the work, but now I'm stuck because I have to "create the world" using a file given by our teacher.

Long story short, the problem is that I don't know how to do the "Item" class.
I have to build it using this strings:

(I've translated them, so, probably, there are full of grammatical error, but the point is the syntax)

OGG_1	Grog	Old Grog
OGG_2	ComputerDisk	Disk of Stan's computer 	Talk to Elaine	# This message will appear when the disk is used with the Computer.
OGG_5	drawer	ship desk's drawer
OGG_6	desk  	ship's desk 	OGG_5	# the drawer is inside the desk
OGG_8	Computer	Stan's Computer
OGG_9	Letter	Governor's letter	Don't touch my daughter!	# message of the letter
OGG_10	Trashcan	Bar trashcan	OGG_9	# the letter is inside the trashcan
OGG_11	Botton	Ship botton 	APERT_3	# the botton open the trapdoor
OGG_12	Pill	Life pill (TM)	LOC_6	# the pill, if eaten, brings you in the governor's palace

Now, the BIG problem is that every Item must have different actions...

For example, the Letter can only be "read"
the Botton can only be "pushed"
the pill can only be "used"

So, how should i make my "Item" class?

My first idea was something like this:

//tmp contain the String read by file.
String[] tmpItem = tmp.split("\t");
if (tmpItem[1].equals("Grog")) {
	Grog grog = new Grog(tmpItem[0], tmpItem[1], tmpItem[2]);
} else if (tmpItem[1].equals("ComputerDisk") {
	ComputerDisk pcDisk = new ComputerDisk(tmpItem[0], tmpItem[1], tmpItem[2], tmpItem[3]);
} else if ...

But this way I should make a lot of classes (One each item) who extends the Item class, overriding only the methods I need...
...but I think it's really horrible.

I know this is a big request, but I don't want the code, just an idea, because I don't really know how to move on.

I'll appreciate every tip.