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Thread: Adding my own object to a Container...not working.

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    Question Adding my own object to a Container...not working.

    Okay, so this is my first post. Hello all!
    I am writing a program for my dad to use at his cabinet making business. The program is being designed to create the dimensions for cabinet doors. My problem is, on the second display I have a JComboBox I want to show up. I created a new class to use to instantiate this box, and now it doesn't show up because I can't add it to my Container. I tried changing my ComboBox.java to extend JComboBox so it would be considered a Component, buuuut that didn't work so well for me. So instead, the ComboBox.java is considered an object I made and not a component, therefore my container will not allow me to add it so it shows up. Any ideas and/or solutions would be wonderful! Thank You!

    PS. My ComboBox class compiles with no errors, the only error on my GUI class is that I can't add my own object.

    here is the portion of my GUI that I am trying to add the box to:

    /*** ComboBox Being Created ***/
       public ComboBox createComboBox()
       	boxPanel = new JPanel();
    		boxDoorType = new ComboBox( createDoubleDoorDisplay(),
    											 createDoubleDoorOptions() );
    		boxPanel.add( boxDoorType );
    		c.add( boxPanel );
    		return boxDoorType;

    And here is my ComboBox class:

    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.awt.Font.*;
    import java.awt.Dimension.*;
    public class ComboBox implements ItemListener
    	/*** Class Variables ***/
    	private String[] boxOptions  = new String[ 3 ];
    	private JPanel[] boxDisplays = new JPanel[ 3 ];
    	private JComboBox cmbxDoorType;
    	private JPanel createDoubleDoorDisplay;
    	private JPanel createSingleDoorOptions;
    	private JPanel createDoubleDoorOptions;
    	/*** Constructor ***/
    	public ComboBox( JPanel pCreateDoubleDoorDisplay,
    						  JPanel pCreateSingleDoorOptions,
    						  JPanel pCreateDoubleDoorOptions,
    						  String pBoxOption1,
    						  String pBoxOption2,
    						  String pBoxOption3)
    		createDoubleDoorDisplay = pCreateDoubleDoorDisplay;
    		createDoubleDoorDisplay.setVisible( false );
    		createSingleDoorOptions = pCreateSingleDoorOptions;
    		createSingleDoorOptions.setVisible( false );
    		createDoubleDoorOptions = pCreateDoubleDoorOptions;
    		createDoubleDoorOptions.setVisible( false );
    	/*** Accessors ***/
    	public String[] getBoxOptions()
    		return boxOptions;
    	public JPanel[] getBoxDisplays()
    		return boxDisplays;
    	/*** Mutators/Transformers ***/
    	public void setBoxOptions( String pBoxOptions, int pInt )
    		boxOptions[ pInt ] = pBoxOptions;
    	public void setBoxDisplays( JPanel pBoxDisplays, int pInt )
    		boxDisplays[ pInt ] = pBoxDisplays;
    		pBoxDisplays.setVisible( true );
    	public JComboBox createComboBox( String pBoxOption1,
    						  						String pBoxOption2,
    						  						String pBoxOption3 )
       	setBoxOptions( pBoxOption1, 0 );
       	setBoxOptions( pBoxOption2, 1 );
       	setBoxOptions( pBoxOption3, 2 );
    		cmbxDoorType = new JComboBox( boxOptions );						                 // JComboBox is Deprecated.
    		cmbxDoorType.addItemListener( this );
       	return cmbxDoorType;
    	public void itemStateChanged( ItemEvent e )
       	if ( e.getStateChange() == ItemEvent.SELECTED )
    			if ( boxDisplays[ cmbxDoorType.getSelectedIndex() ].equals( 0 ) )
    				setBoxDisplays( createDoubleDoorDisplay, 0 );
    				createDoubleDoorDisplay.setVisible( true );
    			else if ( boxDisplays[ cmbxDoorType.getSelectedIndex() ].equals( 1 ) )
    				setBoxDisplays( createSingleDoorOptions, 1 );
    				createSingleDoorOptions.setVisible( true );
    			else if ( boxDisplays[ cmbxDoorType.getSelectedIndex() ].equals( 2 ) )
    				setBoxDisplays( createDoubleDoorOptions, 2 );
    				createDoubleDoorOptions.setVisible( true );

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    Default Re: Adding my own object to a Container...not working.

    Also at java-forums.org

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