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Thread: Help with java decision structure program

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    Default Help with java decision structure program

    think I have a grasp on all the concepts. I think another pair of eyes would be beneficial. TIA!

    Problem A: Aruba Taxes. Objectives: Using Decision Structures and appropriate testing.
    The taxes in Aruba are based on annual income with the following formula. For incomes of 10,000 guilders or less, the taxes = income * .02. For incomes more than 10,000 but less than 25,000, citizens pay 2% on the first 10,000 and 3% on the rest. For incomes $25,000 but less than $75,000 citizens pay 3% on the first 25,000 and 4% on the rest. For incomes $75,000 or more, citizens pay 5% on all earnings. For example, the taxes on an income of $12,000 guilders would be: $260. Non-resident citizens get a 1% discount on the amount of taxes owed.
    Create a class that represents an Aruba citizen with attributes for name, income, and residency status (use a boolean variable for this last attribute). In addition to the gets and sets for each attribute, make a constructor that accepts the name, income, and residency status when creating the object and a method that returns the amount of taxes owed. Create a driver program that will read in annual incomes, create an object representing the citizen, and print out the tax amount owed.
    Use the following data for the execution you turn in:
    Francisco deMiranda: $35,000, resident
    Alonso deOjeda: $63,000, resident
    Halevi Maduro: $23,000, residentFransic
    Prince Stuyvesant: $255,250, resident
    Queen Beatrix: $105,000, non-resident

    This is what I have so far:
    public class ArubaTaxes
    private String name; // Your name
    private double income; // Your income
    private boolean residency; //Do you live here or not?
    public void setName(String n)
    name = n;
    public void setIncome(double ic)
    income = ic;
    public void setResidency(boolean res)
    residency = res;
    public String getName(String name)
    return name;
    public double getIncome(double income)
    double taxes;
    if (income < 10000)
    taxes = income * .02;
    else if (income > 10000 && income < 25000)
    taxes = (income * .03) - (income * .02);
    else if (income > 25000 && income < 75000)
    taxes = (income * .04) - (income * .03);
    else if (income > 75000)
    taxes = income * .05;
    public boolean residency(boolean residency)
    boolean resident;
    if (residency = false)
    taxes = totalOwed * .01;
    taxes = totalOwed;
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    Default Re: Help with java decision structure program

    please place your code in tags...
    [C0DE] [/C0DE]

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    Default Re: Help with java decision structure program

    What exactly is the question? I don't see a specific issue or problem spelled out here.

    This looks like you are trying to get people to either do or check your homework for you, which isn't really the intention of a forum.

    If you do have a specific question about the code, please post a reply or update the OP and then I or another member would be quite happy to help.

    P.S. We would actually be okay with checking the code for errors, if it was in code tags so that it was actually legible for a programmer to read.

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    Default Re: Help with java decision structure program


    these two classes combined .try this.you can get answer.The main method you can implement as you want.
    Thank you!!
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    Default Re: Help with java decision structure program

    ravindu, read the forum rules and the following: http://www.javaprogrammingforums.com...n-feeding.html

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