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Thread: Complex Numbers in Java

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    Default Complex Numbers in Java

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to programming in Java. Been a Matlab programmer for the past 8-9 years. I have a question (This might look like a very dumb question to many of you Java programmers)?

    Let say Z(n) is an array of complex number defined as (3+4*i)/(9-(7*i)*n); where for simplicity n=0,1,23,.....9;

    T(n) is an array of complex number defined as (2.25-(9*i)*n)/(8+11.34*i); where n=0,1,23,.....9;

    1. Now how do i store this complex numbers into an array using Java?

    I prefer using a "for" loop
    for (int n=0, n<10,n++){

    But i know Java don't recognize "i" which is sqrt(-1). How to go about creating a Z array then?

    2. Next, how do i find the product of Z*T; lets say Z is saved as "nx1" vector (matrix) and T is saved as "1xn" vector (matrix)? I want the result to be "nxn" matrix.

    I have looked at Michael Flanagan's Java library on Complex (Michael Thomas Flanagan's Java Scientific and Numerical Library), but still can't figure out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Complex Numbers in Java

    You've sort of hidden you posting in the Member Introduction part of the forum.
    I have no mathematical training and can't help you with the theory part of your problem.
    I don't know of any complex number classes in Java, but there could be some. Java is continually adding new classes.

    Only suggestion is to use Google and see what comes up.

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