I am a programming major needing help with my programs. My instructor is never on campus and can not be reached in any way, I have tried. Now I am at the end of the quarter with 3 programs due, and no help. I have to write a program called flight that contains a GeorgianCalander objects to represent departure times and arrival times, has strings to represents source city, destination city, and airline. Also it should mplement a Compareable interface where if the filights have the same source and destination cities. And should be llisted alphabetically.Wants us to use the getDate method instead of the GeorgianCalender toString()method. Also must modify another class from my chapter 7 to use an ArrayBag instead of just an array. I have 1 day to get this done oor fail. I have not found anything to help so far online. I sure hope someone here can help me get this done.

Oh and I am a single 42 yr old woman. Who is trying to get through school finally after raising the kids. I have changed my major from programming to paralegal. I just have to get through this quarter. When I went to school before programming wasnt like it is today. And the internet was not so popular, and java did not exsist.