Good morning folks,

I've been looking around for answers on a few questions concerning Java and noticed this forum pop up on my searches with some good leads from time to time. Figured I'd stop in and make an account because I will need to ask my own more specific questions soon. From what I can tell the community here seems fair and polite to those willing to ask for help on specific topics in more than a generalized context.

Background wise, I'm a network engineer by trade for the last 12 years. I've dabbled with several programming languages since college including, C++, and Java. From a work perspective, I use VBScript, Javascript, and Powershell for a lot of admin features. From a personal/hobby perspective, I've settled on learning Java more thoroughly as my primary language while learning game design and underlying concepts as my end goal, specifically using the JavaFX8 APIs for some very basic 2D style games before moving on to something bigger and more complex.

Thanks for having me!