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Thread: Hello, Everybody!

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    Default Hello, Everybody!

    I'm Adam, but I generally call all my profiles "PinkTomcat" ever since senior prom. Somehow, I was the only dude who got roped into wearing pink. That's hardly to the point, though.

    My projects thus far are pretty meager, but I'm hoping to learn quickly.

    First, I've tried my hand at creating a deck of cards. I've found that, while I could easily make an array that just produces cards, I tried making it so that it would gradually reduce the deck size as cards were pulled. I got that to work, most likely in the wrong way - I didn't even know what "object oriented" meant at the time - but once I tried to make a simple Hi-Lo game work with the deck I ran into difficulties with keyboard commands. I could go back now that I've taken a Java game programming tutorial and make it work, but I doubt I ever will.

    Second, I've made a translator for Al Bhed, which is a letter-to-letter cipher that ignores special characters and doesn't actually have any lowercase letters in its enum "Letters" class (if you can imagine what I mean). This was so that you could use the same code for any letter-to-letter cipher with a simple 26-String array. Because of that code, I feel pretty confident in my understanding of arrays now, since that's what everything boils down to in that sort of project. The organization of it may be somewhat fishy, but I've managed to get it working fine. I tried to add another function so that I could exempt certain lines, like proper names, but I'm still not sure how to make a for loop skip steps until a certain condition. I've thought of clunky solutions, like during the step where I save the case of the original input String, I could also pop-out the proper nouns and just pop them back in at the end, but I was hoping to try and use a little less memory than that.

    Third, looking forward, I have been having a difficult time coming up with a project idea that I feel motivated to do - as I'm only working at the hobby level at the moment. But one thing that has endlessly been intriguing me lately are satellites and satellite communications. Since I'm not versed at all in server-client communications, I was thinking I wanted to make a server that uses simulated protocols for ground based arrays, a planet, and satellites, so I could have them move information about. I was thinking I'd have a really simplistic, single orbital plane design with rudimentary ASCII graphics. I'd like to be able to dial time forward and backward, and make it run at certain ratios of real-time. It would be cool if I could keep the thing going between sessions, so I might resort to file retrieval and so forth. A lot of stuff, the project should keep me busy for a long while.

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    Default Re: Hello, Everybody!

    Welcome to the forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code in code or highlight tags and other useful info for new members.

    Interesting ideas! Keep dreaming and coding what you dream.