Hello fellow Java programmers!
Hello community! My name is blueflux and I am a recently started out Java programmer.
I got into Java after I learned to program batch. I enjoyed doing it but I wanted to do something more than a text adventure.
When I say basic I don't mean I just figured out how to compile hello world or something.
For my first program I decided to use notepad and compile with CMD just so I would know if my IDE ever failed on me.
Currently I have just layed the framework for a very basic platformer. I could add objects the player could fire but I felt like most of my platformers would be more mario or sonic style and less HALO 2D. It has a scrolling backround and you can move and jump with animation. I made the sprites myself.
I hope to turn that framework into a mining game with sound effects (which by the way I have made) and finish it up. Who knows? Maybe a long time from now I will re-make it and see how much I have improved.
I am considering buying a book to help me learn as all the tutorials I see just feel like me waiting for the code so I can copy it into my .java file. The people who make it try to explain it but never really tell you what you can do in your game and have you follow them until the end.
Well that is my little introduction. I hope I will have a good stay here!