I am familiar with java, I have taken my school's(I am a junior in highschool) "Introduction to Java" course and am gong to help my teacher next semester with this year's java course while testing/improving a game design course he wants the school to implement. I also help the rest of my college in highschool class "Programming the Web" with javascript whenever they encounter errors and more often than not get creative with my javascript in our websites due to bordem from having more than the basic java background they teach you for said course.
That being said I came on here to learn and eventually help. As to me being inspired, as nerdy and geeky as it sounds, Caprica(Precursor to Battlestar Galactica) inspired me to indulge myself into java further and possibly get started up in C++ for one or two of the projects i have planned this year(to shake off the rust and keep it off, not having things to program are what made me rusty) Natural Authentic Randomly Generating Algorithms(NARGA) for probably simple(in comparison) things like phrases and shapes and eventually more complex things and an un-nammed AI project.
Sorry bout the big ol wall of text.