I am Rohan Sakhale
I am from India and I like to code various stuff and learn latest languages/technologies.

Programming is my profession and teaching is my passion, so I often teach my various friends of what new I know in programming or the one who difficulties in programming.

Recently I graduated from my college with first class in Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

I have also been running my own site called RohanSakhale.Com wherein I place my codes & projects, by this site is also tell others the services I can provide

Well I am here to contribute my work towards Java, and to learn new stuff in Java, like I have started learning JSF, Struts and Hibernate or better speaking I am learning Java frameworks, so the doubts I will get or the new thing I will get will be added on here.

I would like to end my short intro here.

Hoping to have a good stay here and a good welcome from all.

Thank You