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Thread: NullPointerException

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    Default NullPointerException

    Hello everybody,
    I have an application where i use TDA as Map and so I have a Map of Maps where I store keys and values as String and Double as you see from the code bellow. So a Map that stores other Maps where I store information of movies and ratings. Then in the Map that contains the other Maps i store as value the name of the person that have given this oppinion about movies . I have implemented a method that calculates the euclidean distance between two users and it functions but when I try to use the same method inside another method that calculates the same thin but between a user and all the others it gives me an NullPointerExeption despite it compiles well.
    Can somebody give me an advice?
    This is the code:
    import java.util.*;

    public class MRdati {

    public static void main (String[]args){

    Map <String , Double> ratesLR = new HashMap<String , Double >();

    ratesLR.put("Lady in the water", 2.5);
    ratesLR.put("Snakes on a plane", 3.5);
    ratesLR.put("Just my luck", 3.0);
    ratesLR.put("Superman returns", 3.5);
    ratesLR.put("The night Listener", 3.0);
    ratesLR.put("You me and Dupree", 2.5);

    Map <String , Double> ratesGS = new HashMap <String , Double >();

    ratesGS.put("Lady in the water", 3.0);
    ratesGS.put("Snakes on a plane", 3.5);
    ratesGS.put("Just my luck", 1.5);
    ratesGS.put("Superman returns", 5.0);
    ratesGS.put("The night Listener", 3.0);
    ratesGS.put("You me and Dupree", 3.5);

    Map <String , Double> ratesMP = new HashMap <String , Double >();

    ratesMP.put("Lady in the water", 2.5);
    ratesMP.put("Snakes on a plane", 3.5);
    ratesMP.put("Just my luck", 1.5);
    ratesMP.put("Superman returns", 3.5);
    ratesMP.put("The night Listener", 4.0);
    ratesGS.put("You me and Dupree", 3.5);

    Map <String , Double> ratesCP = new HashMap <String , Double >();

    ratesCP.put("Lady in the water", 2.5);
    ratesCP.put("Snakes on a plane",3.5 );
    ratesCP.put("Just my luck ",3.0 );
    ratesCP.put("Superman returns", 4.0);
    ratesCP.put("The night Listener", 4.5);
    ratesCP.put("You me and Dupree", 2.5);

    Map <String , Double> ratesML = new HashMap <String , Double >();

    ratesML.put("Lady in the water", 3.0 );
    ratesML.put("Snakes on a plane", 4.0 );
    ratesML.put("Just my luck ", 3.0 );
    ratesML.put("Superman returns", 3.0);
    ratesML.put("The night Listener", 3.0);
    ratesML.put("You me and Dupree", 2.0);

    Map <String , Double> ratesJM = new HashMap <String , Double >();

    ratesJM.put("Lady in the water", 3.0 );
    ratesJM.put("Snakes on a plane", 4.0 );
    ratesJM.put("Just my luck ", 3.0 );
    ratesJM.put("Superman returns", 5.0);
    ratesJM.put("The night Listener", 3.0);
    ratesJM.put("You me and Dupree", 3.5);

    Map <String , Double> ratesT = new HashMap <String , Double >();
    ratesT.put("Lady in the water", 3.0 );
    ratesT.put("Snakes on a plane", 4.5 );
    ratesT.put("Just my luck ", 3.0 );
    ratesT.put("Superman returns", 4.0);
    ratesT.put("The night Listener", 3.0);
    ratesT.put("You me and Dupree", 1.0);

    Map<String, Map<String, Double>> critics = new HashMap<String, Map<String, Double>> ();

    critics.put("Lisa Rose", ratesLR);
    critics.put("Gene Seymour", ratesGS);
    critics.put("Michael Phillips", ratesMP);
    critics.put("Claudia Puig", ratesCP);
    critics.put("Mick Lasale", ratesML);
    critics.put("John Matthews", ratesJM);
    critics.put("Toby", ratesT);
    //System.out.println(critics.get("Lisa Rose"));

    MRdati mrd = new MRdati();
    System.out.println("dist euclid " + mrd.D("Lisa Rose", "Gene Seymour", critics));

    System.out.println("critics "+critics.get("Lisa Rose"));
    System.out.println("key "+ratesLR.keySet());
    MRdati mrd1 = new MRdati();
    System.out.println("risultato "+ mrd1.ListaR(critics, "Lisa Rose"));

    // these are the methods

    public double D(String u1, String u2, Map <String,Map<String, Double>> critics){

    Map <String, Double> u1c = critics.get(u1);
    Map<String, Double> u2c = critics.get(u2);
    double d=0;

    for (String film: u1c.keySet()){
    double v1 = u1c.get(film); // per ogni stringa film trova il suo valore
    double v2 = u2c.get(film);
    if(v2 == 0)

    return Math.sqrt(d);

    public double[] ListaR( Map <String,Map<String, Double>> critics, String w1){
    double []d = new double[critics.size()];
    int i=0;
    for (String critics_i: critics.keySet()){
    d[i]=D(w1, critics_i, critics);
    return d;

    public Double [][] listaRlistaR(Map <String,Map<String, Double>>critics){
    int i=0;
    Double [][] d2=null;
    d2=new Double[critics.size()][critics.size()-1];
    for(String s : critics.keySet()){
    //d2[i] = ListaR(critics, s);
    return d2;


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    Default Re: NullPointerException

    it gives me an NullPointerExeption
    Please post the full text of the error message. It gives the location of the error.
    A NPE is because the code tries to use a variable with a null value to reference an object. You need to find what variable has the null value and then backtrack in the code to see why that variable does not have a valid no-null value.

    Also please edit the post and wrap your code in code tags.
    Last edited by Norm; June 13th, 2012 at 03:18 PM. Reason: spelling
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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