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Thread: need help to solve the problem

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    Default need help to solve the problem

    is there any one who can give me the complete solution in java.

    1 Answer
    Dr. Alberquert invented the
    following three devices to set
    up a simple communication
    Synthesizer (S), which
    produces signals continuously
    and transmits (propagates /
    passes on) them to
    neighbouring cells but cannot
    receive signals.
    Receiver (R), which can receive
    signals from neighbouring
    signal sources but cannot
    produce or propagate signal.
    Transmitter (T), which is
    capable of both receiving
    signal from and transmitting
    signals to neighbouring cells.
    Transmitters also are NOT
    capable of producing signals.
    These devices are laid in a
    matrix formation. Signals are
    propagated at the rate of one
    cell per time unit. The
    absorption rate of a receiver is
    unlimited and so also the
    transmission and absorption
    rate of a transmitter unlimited.
    For simplicity we shall ignore
    the exact nature of signals
    being produced and consider
    them uniform across sources.
    Devices on the extreme right
    side can also communicate
    with the extreme left hand
    side device present in the
    same row (see fig 2). Similarly
    a device on the extreme top
    can also communicate with a
    device at the extreme bottom
    if they are present in the same
    Please Note:
    Neighbourhood is a four cell
    neighbourhood, i.e, the
    neighbourhood of a cell is
    defined by cells to its NORTH,
    SOUTH, EAST and WEST (see fig
    All Synthesizers will start to
    produce signals as soon as the
    simulation begins.
    There could be multiple
    Synthesizers in a matrix
    Your task is to write a
    program that would take a
    matrix containing devices and
    output the time at which each
    receiver/transmitter receives
    its first signal.
    Input specification:
    The first line has two integers
    M and N indicating the number
    of rows and columns of the
    matrix. 0 < M, N <= 20
    M lines follow the first line.
    Each of these M lines contains
    N characters and a terminating
    new line. Each character is one
    of S, T or R.
    Output specification:
    The output should be a matrix
    of M rows with each row
    containing N integers
    separated by spaces indicating
    the minimum time required for
    the signal to reach the
    corresponding device. The
    output for cells containing
    Synthesizers is 0. For devices
    that never receive any signal,
    print -1.
    Sample Input and Output:
    3 4
    0 1 3 1
    1 2 2 1
    1 2 1 0
    2 3
    -1 -1 -1
    -1 -1 -1

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    Default Re: need help to solve the problem

    Welcome to the forums. Please read this: http://www.javaprogrammingforums.com...e-posting.html

    This forum is not for asking questions, which is fine, because you haven't asked a question. You can't just dump your homework here. Please read the link in my signature on asking questions the smart way, then post a specific question in the appropriate forum.
    Useful links: How to Ask Questions the Smart Way | Use Code Tags | Java Tutorials
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