First of all, i have designed a web application in Net Beans i.e. in java paltform with JDBC connectivity as a part of class project work

I have designed a form which has 10 fileds i.e. FirstName, lastname etc etc. its a customer complaint form.

Now when user clicks on submit button, the details have to be stored on database. i want that when user clicks on submit button then data should be stored along with the UNIQUE CASE ID should be generated to give the user for refference.

So wat i did, i used Case ID column as IDENTITY in SQL server and it works and data is stored too with the unique id in database bt its only in databse. But i want that ID to be displayed to user for his refference.

So i m stuck here plz help me

One way is to retrieve the ID fro database bt there should be base of retrieval means some conditon etc.

Other way can be the last generated id should be retrieved and displayed bt how can i do that ?

PLz help me plz. I have to submit my project on Tuesday plz !!