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Thread: JDBC with XML files.

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    Question JDBC with XML files.

    Hello guys !

    I have a bit of situation on which i really can't find any answer on google : so i'm turning to you guys... so here it is:

    I would like to open XML files (.xml) on computer with a JDBC driver (instead of new File() function). So actually i want same functionality as Derby Enbedded Driver does, but instead of opening .db files i want to open .xml files. I'm using XML files for saving data like databases are - with tables, schemas and stuff. I can write something like my own JDBC driver, or extend from some driver that already does something like that.. I would like to make something, so i could connect like this:

    String url = "jdbc:mydriver:D:\\username\nameOfFile.xml";
    Class.forName ("com.mydriver.jdbc.Driver").newInstance ();
    conn = DriverManager.getConnection (url);
    System.out.println ("Database connection established");

    Once i'm connected with driver, i would also like to use SQL statements for my XML file database.
    I hope i was clear enough so you have idea what i'm trying to achieve here.

    Any tips, help would be much appreciated !


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    Default Re: JDBC with XML files.

    I am not sure if this will help you at all... but this is how I loaded my XML file.

    I created this method:
    	public static FileInputStream getFis() throws Exception {
    		FileInputStream fis = null;
    		// Use file input stream to connect to the properties XML file.
    		try {
    			fis = new FileInputStream("META-INF/test-config.xml");
    			System.out.println("XML file was loaded successfully.");
    			// FileInputStream error handling
    			} catch (FileNotFoundException e1) {
    				System.err.println("FileInputStream failed to " +
    						"load XML file. SQLException: " + e1.getMessage());
    		System.out.println("Data loaded: " + fis);
    		return fis;

    And then in my main method I called it like so:
    public static void main(String args[]){
    		// Call method to load XML file
    		try {
    			System.out.println("Trying to load the XML file.");
    		} catch (Exception e) {
    			System.out.println("Failure to successfully load the XML file.");

    Not entirely sure if this is what you meant, and if not I apologize You might not have a DaoFactory class.. but I imagine you could tweak the above code to work for you.

    As for the rest of the stuff you mentioned in your post (using SQl statements for your database, etc.. I cannot help but hopefully someone else will come along quickly )
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    Default Re: JDBC with XML files.

    That post lost me entirely.

    Why opt for this XML idea when it is an ideal situation to use an Embedded database?
    You don't really "load" your XML file in that code segment, but rather connect to it.

    Assuming the code format inside the XML file is syntactically correct, then you would need to use a DOM or SAX parser to extract the data in an orderly manner.
    But why not use an Embedded DB?
    Please use [highlight=Java]//code goes here...[/highlight] tags when posting your code

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