I'm in the middle of automating some processes in a VM, we are currently using Java 17 and have updated our jettys to jetty-11. Since in jetty-11 both home and base are separate it's important to initialize the jetty-base folder. I need to do it from ansible I worked out a solution in the local shell but trying that in ansible it's not working and also took reference from this blog post.

- name: "Run initialization command" 
  shell: "nohup java -jar '{{ jetty_home }}'/start.jar jetty.base='{{ jetty_install_dir }}' --add-module=server,http,deploy,annotations,logging-jetty,jsp &"

There are no obvious errors when I run the playbook, just

TASK [jetty-distribution : initialize jetty-base] **************************************************************************************************************************
changed: [****************************] (cutting the vm name off)

Are there any solutions to this issue? Thanks in advance