I have read that for static, I need to import the model.modelName which is what I did.

The jstl printed out the model.variables that meet the query in my servlet.

The problem is that inside the query also contains a List<String>actorNames which is part of the model.

I was able to print out the resultset via System.out.println but not able to get the same resultSet in the jstl.

The query is :
String sql1 = "select t.model_contact_no, model.zipcode, model.model_id, t2.actor_name FROM model t JOIN  model_actor t2  ON t.model_id = t2.model_id where t.zipcode = ?  And  t2.actor_name = Any((?))";
			PreparedStatement ps2 = connection.prepareStatement(sql1);
			ps2.setString(1, zipcode);
			for (int i = 0; i < actorNames.length; i++) {
				Array array = connection.createArrayOf("text", actors.toArray());
				ps2.setArray(2, array);
			ResultSet rs = ps2.executeQuery();
			while (rs.next()) {
				for (String s : actors) {
					if (actors.contains("actors_name")) {
					myList.add(t); // I am also not sure about this part if it is correct since the query contains a list also
					request.setAttribute("list", myList);

I do not know if I should create a separate request.setAttribute for the list<String>actorNames but since the List is part the model then it should not be separated right ?

Hope someone can tell me how to get this part done cos I can't find something anything similar in the web

<c:forEach items="${list} var="t" varStatus="status">
		<td><c:set var="t" value="${model.model_id }" scope="request" />	
		<c:out value="${model.model_id}" /></td>			
			<td>${t.zipcode} </td>
			<td>${t.contactNo} </td>			
		<td><c:set var="t" value="${model.actorNames}" scope="request" /> 
		<c:out value="${model.get(actors_name)}" /></td> // I need to get the element in the list<String> which meet the criteria above
		 <c:out value="${actors_name[not sure what to put here]}"/>			

I am just lost how to get the actorNames in my resultSet from the List<String>actorNames to be printed in this case.

Hope someone know the answer and let me know.