Hello Everyone,

The application is for maintaining employee records.I am unable to insert records.I have 3 jsps,in 1st jsp i have few fields like empcode,name,etc
Here iam using postgresql for writing queries where I am using javascript for button clicks.In the 1st jsp for all empcodes
there are links when I click the empcode I go to 2nd jsp and details of the employee is displayed.In the 1st
jsp I am writing a postgresql distinct on query where I want to display all the employees working under one
manager.My query is like this:select distinct on...where managerId="+mgr+"order by empcode.Here
mgr is a hidden field.I want to use the hidden field provided for employee as well but when Iam writing order by
empcode="+empid+",I get syntax error.These fieds are passed from 1st jsp to 2ndjsp,where I use request.getParameter to fetch the values.
I have few more fields like dropdown in the 2nd jsp when I select a value from the combo box the empcode is becoming null,though empname value
retains.In my 2nd jsp I have javscript for insert button and other functionalities.when i click the insert button my insert query which is in the
3rd jsp is fired.In the query i have observed that empcode's value is going as null .hence I am unable to insert records.
Please help and Thank you very much for you time and help