For most of the years now, the lack of good library implementation for an undecorated stage was an issue for the JavaFx community.

Basically, doesn't it bother you when you have to create a JavaFX app and you need to make your Window Undecorate so you have to create a window of your own using SceneBuilder and load all your other fxml file views to it?

Also then you will have to create your own close, minimize, maximize/restore buttons and code their actions too right?

How about if you have an already made Undecorated window which you can customize as you want (EVEN TRANSPARENCY!) before you do

IT WOULD BE AWESOME ! wouldn't it?

What if I tell you there is such a tool and now you don't need to worry about creating an undecorated JavaFX window even again!?

See the library here :
And don't forget to check the very detailed wiki page :

Apart from these main functionalities, more tools are provided through the CustomStage library such as "FileLoader" and "SceneManager". Feel free to check out the wiki

If you like the project, don't forget to star the repo and spread the word so much more people will get the use of the framework!
Also, suggestions are very welcome!