I've fairly new to Java but not to OO programming as a whole and have a project which requires a simple offline customer details and enquiry system that will be synchronised with an online database. The system will require the following types of information to be stored in a database:

Customer Information (Name, Company etc)
Enquiry Information (Property: Sector, Size, Location etc)
Properties (Name, Sector, Size, Location etc)
Reports (Name, Content, Date generated etc)

I've been looking for at Opensource CRMs as a possible means of saving myself some development time and the ones I have seen so far are too complex for my requirements. Having not embarked on a project like this before I thought I would come here and ask for advice on the best way forward.

If I do build the project myself I was thinking of creating a JavaFX business desktop application in NetBeans as it seems to have the right tools for the job. The database will be MySQL and located on a server on a local network. I will need the application to synchronise with the online MySQL database for the properties.

Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.