I am going back out into the workforce to program using the java language. Unfortunately, I do not have all of the experience in this particular field. The other day I went to the indeed job site to get a sampling of the requirements needed for a programming position and here's what was listed:

Whats needed for the position: java, c++, google web toolkit (gwt), javascript, web 2.0 dhtml, linux/unix,

mysql, ajax, jsp, xml, mvc frameworks,

tomcat, apache, cgi, shell scripting, relational database.

My question is: Really? Do i need to be well versed on all of the aforementioned, or are there certain things I can take from the list, study, and target my time and energy?

Also, I want to design a student math tutorial program which can be implemented as a standalone executable file on a PC, or web based.

In addition to the Java programming language what is needed to build a program of this type(web base or pc standalone exe)? i would appreciate a hint on some of the steps involved in the creation process.

thank you for your patience.


ps - if you don't feel like typing(a long explanation) and explaining, please, if you would, direct me to a website that explains the development process(my program) from start to finish.

thanx again