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Thread: Convert C++ to Java ?

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    Smile Convert C++ to Java ?

    The teacher asked us to convert this C++ program to java. I only know how to write a java program
    so could you please tell me what is the concept of this C++ program so I can convert it
    // function finds largest element in array
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int maxint(int[], int);            //declaration of an array
    int main()
       const int SIZE = 100;           //maximum array elements
       int intarray[SIZE];             //array of ints
       int count = 0;                  //number of ints in array
       int intval;
          cout << count 		//cout is used to print like System.out
               << ". Enter an integer value (0 to end): ";
          cin >> intval; 		//cin is used to get inputs in a variable
          if(intval==0) break;	//if-condition
          intarray[count++] = intval;  //set array element to value
                                       //find largest element
       int bigdex = maxint(intarray, count);
       cout << "\nLargest element is number " << bigdex;
       cout << ", which contains " << intarray[bigdex] << endl;
       return 0;
    int maxint(int ia[], int c)        //returns largest element
       int bigdex = 0;                 //assume it's element 0
       for(int j=1; j<c; j++)          //if another is larger,
          if( ia[j] > ia[bigdex] )     //put its index in bigdex
             bigdex = j;
       return bigdex;
    Thank you ^^

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    Default Re: Convert C++ to Java ?

    Hmm, there's only one part of that C++ program I can see you having troubles with:
    cout is the way C++ programs print to the console. This is done using the << operator.
    So, for example:
    cout << "hello world!";
    is equivalent in Java as:
    System.out.print("hello world!");

    endl is a simple way to print out a newline.
    int age = 5;
    cout << "hello world! I am " << age << " years old." << endl;
    would be the same as:
    int age = 5;
    System.out.println("hello world! I am " + age + " years old.");

    cin is the way C++ programs read input from the console. This is done using the >> operator.

    Also, you can completely ignore the first two lines of the program (they just include the iostream library and use the standard namespace, which are irrelevant in Java). Remember that in Java you must wrap everything in a class, as well as declare certain functions to be static. Lastly, Java programs declare main to return void while in C++ the main function generally returns an int.

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