Hello Guys,

I'd like some help about architecture...
I just started working in a SPA Project (Rest API). The current architecture is something like this:

Controller (REST) - Here it is using DTO objects
Service interface - Here it is using DTO objects
Service implemantation - Here it is using DTO objects, but also it is usinguse the Entities from database
Repositories - Here it is using entities from database

My doubt is, that all my logic is in the services implemantation.. I was wondering if it is correct , I think it is not, though.
Because I wanted to change the code to use some design pattern, like state pattern, but i faced some problemas to implement this pattern, because all the logic is it on services implemantation and it is begind used the entities objects.

I don't know if you guys already faced this architecture problem.. if you can share some best practices architecture knowledge..

Thanks in advance.