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Thread: java is not clicking for me, why?

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    Default java is not clicking for me, why?

    hey, i am i beginning programmer just barley dipping my feet into programming.

    i am getting into java because people tell me its easier to learn then most programming languages and its very useful compared to the visual basic and pascal languages. I've started to try to learn it from the java site tutorials and i just cant seem to get it to stick.

    its like i read it and it sorta seems to make sense but the second i look at a block of code i go completely dumb and cant remember a thing.

    so i was wondering if some one could give me a site that gives me tasks that will help me to achieve more knowledge on java programming or meybe give me a couple tips to keep my motivation up to finally learn this darned language.

    also if you could tell me when it official clicked for you and when i can expect to start fully understanding it and start creating my own applets and programs.

    id like to here other peoples story's if they struggled at first to help me through the first wall of learning i need to break through.

    thanks for looking at this i really appreciate it and hope to get into programming with you guys.

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    Default Re: java is not clicking for me, why?

    The best way to learn java (and actually, any programming language) is to try stuff out. Get a block of code and try to run it "by hand" (pretend you're the computer, and go through the code line-by-line). Then experiment with the code to see how changing different parts of it will effect the final result. I wouldn't recommend this with all code blocks, though especially some longer loops. If you get to any bits you don't understand how they work, ask someone who does or post your question here.

    FYI, it took me a maybe a year or two to fully grasp the basic programming topics (note that this was done in C/C++, which have a slightly more cryptic syntax and is less forgiving). After grasping these basic ideas, I was able to pick up basic Java in maybe a few weeks and the more advance topics in a few months. I'm by no means an expert in all the components of Java, though (particularly networking and large portions of the GUI programming API). However, it's not really necessary to know all of these things because Java is well documented, so once you get the basics down you should be able to learn the stuff in the API as you need them.

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