Hey guys. So let me explain what I need: I have a service which has stats that update every 3 hours or so. I download them as a text file. The issue is that I am limited to 24 downloads AT MOST a day. This means that if I made an applet which downloads them every however so often, I would still exceed that. Right? Because the applet will be running on the client... So basically, I somehow need to make an applet that connects to some sort of server to get the stats and I need to make the server that updates them. If it would be a good way to do things, I do have access to a mysql database that I could use to store the stats. The client could just read the stats from it and the server could write them to it. However, I just need some pointers on how to do this all... I haven't done this big of a networking project before and I really want to do it right. I think I can mostly handle the client except for the SQL code, and the server... well... I'm not sure. I assume I couldnt really host the server on my web host right? I could host it on any machine though yes? If so, ill throw it on my raspbery pi since it doesnt need to do a TON of work really. So yeah, if anyone can help me out in figuring out how to do this, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: well it seems that connecting to my database with jdbc is hopeless. I dont even have privileges to allow my ip to connect or anything. pfft.