Hi, I must do a game similar to "snake" and I took a look to Sprites examples, but I think I can't learn how to do everything I wish in the time that I got to finish it. The only way I would have, is to check examples and do my game like them, but that is copy the code(and is not allowed)...

- I can use only any class that I know how does it work, so I could learn to use any class, but must be easy to learn basics
(Graphics2D, Canvas... etc... looks hard)

- I am begginner
+ I know all POO concepts
+ I am learning swing at the moment (i am considering to do the main Actor with JLabels... need help...)

I would appreciate very much if anyone know a basic tutorial for make a game that has a good GUI, not a bad game like using CMD, it should be in the main JPanel...
or just a way to make it beauty & simply

Thank you