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Thread: Challenging Java Question: Test your Java skill by grouping these terms

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    Default Challenging Java Question: Test your Java skill by grouping these terms

    Guys, I've a challenging java question. It takes time and skill to clear this.

    You need to group the following java terms. For ex: Java Interviews, Java Jobs & Openings in Java comes under same category(you may name the category if you need but not required, just group the category using some numbers).

    getelementbyid javascript
    json java
    serialization in java
    javascript comment
    queue java
    weblogic download
    java resultset
    java check
    java filewriter
    java clone
    java break
    collections java
    public static void main
    java struts
    java transient
    java path
    super java
    java trim
    java enum example
    what is java script
    java inheritance
    java continue
    java biginteger
    null pointer exception
    java filereader
    java inner class
    java sort
    java runnable
    java decimalformat
    java copy file
    javascript break
    java outputstream
    javascript appendchild
    javascript scroll
    parseint java
    java readline
    jlist java
    java logger
    bufferedreader java
    java implements
    java split string
    natural join
    enum in java
    resultset java
    java locale
    override java
    java jtable
    properties java
    gmt to cst
    printf java
    java hashmap example
    java map example
    java printwriter
    java enum valueof
    java fileinputstream
    bubble sort java
    javascript floor
    java timezone
    java parseint
    java treeset
    java jpanel
    javascript array size
    java keywords
    javascript tofixed
    jstl if
    hashset java
    java xor
    java create directory
    java read text file
    javac classpath
    quicksort java
    stack java
    javascript createelement
    javascript append
    math java
    javascript echo
    static class java
    comparator java
    java example
    log4j example
    read file java
    java xpath
    java frameworks
    java ant
    volatile java
    java applet example
    graphics java
    jstl tutorial
    set serveroutput on
    assert java
    cst to gmt
    ejb 3.0
    java format
    java persistence api
    java swt
    java mvc
    protected java
    java zip
    vector in java
    encapsulation in java
    java interface example
    java timer example
    java spring tutorial
    java calendar example
    java string trim
    javascript hide div
    abstract class java
    java bufferedwriter
    javascript array indexof
    javascript array pop
    java reader
    java delete file
    ant jar
    java destructor
    java round
    treemap java
    java numberformat
    javascript remove element
    inputstream to string
    java write file
    java return
    simple java program
    wrapper class
    submit form javascript
    linear search
    filereader java
    partition by
    readline java
    java applet download
    classpath java
    stringtokenizer java
    ist time now
    reflection in java
    date calendar
    merge sort java
    javascript set focus
    java initialize array
    java enums
    java iterator example
    javascript array append
    java get current time
    javascript array slice
    instance variable
    java compare strings
    java annotations tutorial
    java static method
    type casting
    java sort arraylist
    log4j.properties example
    ant delete
    java uri
    install jdk
    hide div
    javascript array join
    itext api
    vector iterator
    java applet test
    enum valueof
    java system.in
    vb.net arraylist
    xslt substring
    javascript getattribute
    javascript scrollto
    javascript max
    java matrix
    download sun java
    java getclass
    color java
    javascript cleartimeout
    java button
    filewriter java
    java create file
    javascript clone
    java file exists
    jtable example
    java frame
    fileinputstream java
    string tokenizer in java
    java mail api
    timer in java
    java development kit download
    java absolute value
    java set example
    lru cache
    string class java
    java random number generator
    http post example
    jsp comment
    java static variable
    java casting
    random number java
    java constant
    javascript iterate array
    ant path
    java system.out
    java iterable
    java open file
    java write string to file
    java vector example
    java read from file
    write to file java
    string length java
    ascii value
    javascript confirm yes no
    mvc design pattern
    javascript array count
    javascript create element
    gregorian calendar java
    string replace java
    math.round java
    string append
    math.pow java
    internet language
    postgres update
    javascript count
    java file copy
    what is jvm
    quick sort c
    java statement
    form submit javascript
    what is a jar file
    java math class
    java string methods
    java multidimensional array
    java string split example
    html calendar code
    java null pointer exception
    change cursor
    java class example
    joptionpane example
    programming tutorials
    hashmap example
    java file reader
    java loop
    remove java
    java pause
    javascript print array
    java read file line by line
    javascript clear array
    reached end of file while parsing
    decimal format
    javascript alert yes no
    serialization java
    html combo box
    alter table add primary key
    jstl tags
    java integer.parseint
    int max
    sun java tutorial
    java get time
    read file
    java dimension
    java drawimage
    jms example
    java set to list
    hashmap iterator
    spring dao
    jsp implicit objects
    java delay
    jcombobox example
    java popup
    what is ejb
    examples of syntax
    convert gmt to est
    javascript array of objects
    java constructors
    java enum values
    ant jar task
    java append to file
    java check if file exists
    java reverse string
    java queue example
    static variable java
    java singleton pattern
    javascript append to array
    static variables
    javascript empty array
    javascript popup box
    java pi
    iterate hashmap
    java reflection tutorial
    javascript unshift
    javascript array object
    java reflection api
    javascript loop array
    javascript array shift
    java rename file
    javascript open file
    java sortedmap

    All the best, guys!

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    Default Re: Challenging Java Question: Test your Java skill by grouping these terms

    Quote Originally Posted by karthickk3 View Post
    java question...
    I'll probably get banned for doing someone's homework for them, but what the heck, maybe it's time for me to get a new hobby...

    My right brain says, "It depends."

    Note to Systems Log: Shift change here. Toggle active brain...

    Fortunately my right brain and left brain are in two separate heads. One sleeps while the other monitors all systems instruments.

    At this time, my left brain is awake, and I can give a definitive answer.

    Here it is (drum-roll, please):

    My left brain says, "The answer is 42."


    Last edited by Zaphod_b; July 18th, 2012 at 03:27 PM.

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    copeg (July 18th, 2012)

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    Default Re: Challenging Java Question: Test your Java skill by grouping these terms

    Quote Originally Posted by karthickk3 View Post
    Guys, I've a challenging java question. It takes time and skill to clear this.
    No, it takes lack of laziness. Please go do your own grunt work. Don't just dump it in this or other forums.

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    copeg (July 18th, 2012)

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    Default Re: Challenging Java Question: Test your Java skill by grouping these terms

    Thread closed. Please read the forum rules about receiving help.

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    copeg (July 18th, 2012)

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